Tuesday, February 15, 2011

As far as unoriginal titles go, this one wins: Post #1

Okay well I suppose since this is my first post (as indicated by the ever so obvious, yet fitting title) I should say something about why I'm writing this, what my purpose is behind publishing the random babbling of my brain in full view of a general, and at this point uninterested public. Honestly, I am here to carry out the most basic principal taught to us in whatever form of early institutionalized schooling with which we were provided: I am here to share. Granted at the time, this rule was probably the cause of a plethora of germ exchange-age that resulted in various illnesses (i.e. the chicken pox -- which by the way I have yet to have, meaning I suppose I wasn't much of a sharer) which later required shots, but I like to think we have progressed and learnt from our previous sharing experiences, and can now do so in a generally safe and healthy manner.
I'm here to share with you my thoughts about what's around me. I have no intention of making this a narration about my life or problems, as I'm sure you have enough of those of your own, but rather just a mere list of observations and thoughts from yours truly. Of course than the question arises:
Why should I read this?- In all honesty, a year ago, I would have laughed at the idea of starting a blog. In my head, I always felt bad for the people who spent time and effort writing shit (sorry i will swear) that no one but their mom, aunt, best friend, and the random boy/girl who was currently crushing on them would read. But, now I'm starting this because i've realized (at least for me) it's not about how many people read this, it's about sharing me, not me as an individual person, but me as a citizen of the world with anyone who is willing to read. Tacky? Cliche? ohhhhh yeah but it's true. If you're reading this, it's because you for some strange deranged reason want to know whats going on inside my head. So you should read this....because you want to :] simple right?
So here's a toast: To me becoming one of those blogger chicks, and to the hope that someone more than my mother (if even her!) is interested in how my brain chooses to process the world around me
Oh! P.S. I would love any sort of comment as this goes along. Your thoughts, agreements, disagreements, requests, questions, aid in realizing my biases, errors, lack of coherence, or just brain matter in general; all will be readily welcomed :]


  1. Whilst randomly wandering I came upon this, seems I am the first of your audience :) I'm listening

    I'm at limitfears.blogspot.com

  2. I read this in your voice. It made me smile :P